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Fri Aug 14 08:09:00 PDT 2009

Colin -

Thanks for feeding this back into the LC... of all the weeks for me to
be gone, it sounds like there's a lot to talk about.

Signing off,

Colin Wallis wrote:
> Thanks Trent
> Yep, I have a few things that came out of the BoT call earlier today that I think need an agenda slot.
> 1) The BoT need that L/C sub committee/group on finance to be appointed soon now.  I think you said that if no-one stepped up, you would nominate. Another alternative I've thought of is that the WG Chairs plus yourself become that committee, since the WG Chairs need to be really getting their skates on regarding WG funding requirements.  Iain's proposal is the only one I recall so far.  
> That said, concern remains around the financial ability to fund beyond just the infrastructural costs without more members/$$. Following the email thread regarding Iain's proposal, the BoT support the notion of a more collaborative/sharing of member organisational budgets e.g. if AOL were doing consumer research on usability/UX and Kantara had that need too, that they work together on the questions, share the results, so that costs were zero or at most only incremental ones, for Kantara.  So the implication is that each proposal must be supported by some type of partial/full self-funding proposal.
> 2) Greater sharing of the work.  The BoT noted that the staff are pretty well maxed out in terms of workload and billable hours, actually over their contracted hours which is negatively effecting the budget.  Their suggestion is to restructure the Las Vegas agenda to have a Town Hall style meeting early on on Tuesday.  They want all attending members to hear/know what they can do, how they can help share the work going forward, because if they don't, stuff will fall through the cracks sooner or later - blogging, presentations representing Kantara - everything on the table.  The BoT would like the L/C to consider, hopefully support and run with this idea. 
> Cheers
> Colin
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> All -
> As mentioned in my earlier note to the list, it is likely I won't be
> available for the next LC telecon scheduled for Wed, 8/19/2009 at 22:00 UTC.
> I have, however, taken a stab at a tentative agenda that I put on the wiki:
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/x/NACKAQ
> For my part, I have added updates on my action items (thanks to Eve for
> tracking them).  You can see my notes on the minutes page as well as
> within the tentative agenda.
> With that, I'll leave the chairing duties in the capable hands of Mr.
> Paul Madsen.
> Cheers,
> Trent

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