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I was listening on the news this morning about a concerted national effort to disrupt town hall meetings in August by one of the major parties against the other.  Memos are being sent out asking people to sit in the front row, shout, interrupt and otherwise be obnoxious in these public forums.  This is the type of behavior we should strive to avoid, and instead foster a more open, collaborative environment.  Ubuntu has some good concepts, such as:

Be considerate
Be respectful
Be collaborative
When you disagree, consult others first
When you are unsure, ask for help
Step down considerately, so as not to disrupt a project

More details at: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct

I think this could be a place to start and I applaud your efforts.

John Fraser

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In discussions with the officers, there was the suggestion that a Code of Conduct for Kantara Initiative would be good to have in place.  Something that is clear, succinct, and can be used by chairs to bring folks into line and remind us all of our mutual values. This doesn't need to be a separate policy, but I think something like it would be good to include in our work and on our site.  Key values that were discussed were:

* Mutual Respect
* Professional Interaction
* Integrity

With this, a suggested starting point is the following:

At Kanatara Initiative, we expect all interactions amongst Participants to be "professional", respecting the rights and dignities of others. Each of us has an obligation to strive to maintain the highest levels of integrity, for ourselves and for the organization. By diligently respecting our individual and collective rights, we foster an environment for open, honest, and transparent collaboration.

Feedback and thoughts?  Thanks.


Britta Glade Kantara Initiative 925-254-4233
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