[KI-LC] Draft minutes for 29 Jul 2009 LC call are up

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..As one of those 'founding chairs', on a first look it works for me..

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Sorry I missed replying to this; I'm just recovering from Catalyst. :-)

The presence of that last sentence makes a difference, and so does "acquire a new seat".  With those two changes/additions, your rewording does sound like what I think we intended.  Should we take up a fresh motion for clarification purposes just to get it on the record, or is this discussion sufficient?  Does any "founding chair"  (in the position of having to pump a charter through our process by Sep 14 ) have any questions or doubts about what was intended?


On 29 Jul 2009, at 3:30 PM, Roger Martin wrote:

I considered that, but I'm not sure that I agree.  Yes, the WGs that successfully submit their charter by Aug 15th should continue to have a vote on the LC after Aug 15th.  The LC is under an Operating Procedures mandate to vote on it within 30 days (which conveniently works out to Sept 14th).  If the Charter is approved then there is no issue.

I apparently forgot to include the last sentence of the Motion:
A "Founding" WG whose Charter is successfully submitted by Aug 15, 2009 will remain an LC voting member until the LC votes to approve or reject the Charter.

If the Charter is approved, the WG is know longer a grandfathered "Founding" WG, but a regular WG just like every other  LC approved WG.  If the Charter is rejected it loses its seat and vote on the LC the moment the Charter is rejected.  It then must submit a new charter for LC consideration just like any other new Group.

(I should have said "acquire a new seat on the LC" in my original comments.)


Eve Maler wrote:
I don't think this is quite correct.  Successful submission ("acceptance") is one condition, but successful approval by Sep 14 is another.  If the LC approval vote fails during our mandated 30-day window, the founding group still loses its special seat.  (It's not clear whether it would be the "same" or a different group that later submits a charter (using the same or different text!) that wins approval, so I don't think "regaining" a seat should be an issue -- a founding seat would simply be lost if the vote fails. Hopefully this situation will remain theoretical, though. :-)

By the way, I really appreciate the efforts you've been putting (as a lurker, no less!) into careful reading of the minutes and careful observation of our practices, and I'll endeavor to capture motions more formally in future.


On 29 Jul 2009, at 12:01 PM, Roger Martin wrote:


With respect to the first motion (Aug 15th deadline for Founding WG Charters).....

The minutes do not make clear when the WG becomes a non-voting member of the LC if it fails to successfully submit its Charter by Aug 15th.  I think the minutes should clarify that the WG becomes non-voting effective 8/15/09 if it has not successfully submitted its charter.  If that happens, then it must then go through the normal process of creating a new WG (with Charter) in order to re-acquire a seat on the LC.

I think that the motion that was approved was the following (and since I am not a member of the LC, this is just a friendly suggestion :-) ).

Deadline for Submission of Founding Work Group Charters and Maintaining LC Voting Status

The LC establishes August 15, 2009 as the deadline for successful submission of "Founding"
WG Charters".  A "Founding" WG whose Charter has not been successfully submitted by that
date will lose LC voting status until a new Charter has been submitted and approved.


   ....roger (aka lurker)

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Eve Maler wrote:

Please take a look and let me know if I missed anything.


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