[KI-LC] Proposed Topics for Meeting at DIDW

Eve Maler Eve.Maler at Sun.COM
Sun Aug 2 14:53:41 PDT 2009

Some comments and suggestions below:

On 29 Jul 2009, at 5:32 PM, J. Trent Adams wrote:

> All -
> In an effort to put together something reasonable with enough time to
> promote the topics, here is my first take on an agenda for our  
> upcoming
> meeting in September at DIDW:
> 1. Operating Procedures Review
>    a. Quorum Interpretation

- I think we resolved your item 1a (quorum interpretation) wrt the LC,  
at least.  Is there some other outstanding item related to quorums here?

>    b. Charter Template Review
>    c. ... others?

We could do a "temperature check" on how the leadership balloting  
process is going, and also do an around-the-room and ask if group  
chairs are running into procedural questions or issues in general.

> 2. IPR Review
>    a. Generic Version of "Liberty Option"
>    b. Additional IPR Options
>    c. Removing IPR Requirement for DGs
>    d. Creating an IPR FAQ

This all sounds (very) good.  This general category would amount to  
advice for the BoT, yes?  We can't make those changes ourselves.

> 3. Review and Augment Standards Body List
> 4. Determine Process for All-Member Ballots
> 5. WG/DG Budget Discussions

Since this could be time-consuming, we may want to deal with it up  
front and be ruthless about agenda portioning...

> 6. KI Communications Staff Update
>    a. Report by Staff on Work
>    b. How to Leverage KI Comms
> Please suggest any other items you feel we should place on the  
> agenda so
> we can get it to Dervla by July 31st.

+1 on Colin's suggestion of a conformance item.

Other stuff: Should we discuss what LC meetings should/could be like  
in the post-bootstrap era?  I anticipate that we might want to meet  
half as often but for a longer timeslot (every two weeks, for 1.5  
hours?).  I would love to do a roundtable at every LC meeting that  
lets chairs give an update that explicitly calls out to intended  
Kantara-based liaisons and asks for feedback.  The LC is the best  
connection we have for all that well-intentioned Section 10 charter  
stuff. :-)


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