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Sorry I missed replying to this; I'm just recovering from Catalyst. :-)

The presence of that last sentence makes a difference, and so does  
"acquire a new seat".  With those two changes/additions, your  
rewording does sound like what I think we intended.  Should we take up  
a fresh motion for clarification purposes just to get it on the  
record, or is this discussion sufficient?  Does any "founding  
chair"  (in the position of having to pump a charter through our  
process by Sep 14 ) have any questions or doubts about what was  


On 29 Jul 2009, at 3:30 PM, Roger Martin wrote:

> I considered that, but I'm not sure that I agree.  Yes, the WGs that  
> successfully submit their charter by Aug 15th should continue to  
> have a vote on the LC after Aug 15th.  The LC is under an Operating  
> Procedures mandate to vote on it within 30 days (which conveniently  
> works out to Sept 14th).  If the Charter is approved then there is  
> no issue.
> I apparently forgot to include the last sentence of the Motion:
> A "Founding" WG whose Charter is successfully submitted by Aug 15,  
> 2009 will remain an LC voting member until the LC votes to approve  
> or reject the Charter.
> If the Charter is approved, the WG is know longer a grandfathered  
> "Founding" WG, but a regular WG just like every other  LC approved  
> WG.  If the Charter is rejected it loses its seat and vote on the LC  
> the moment the Charter is rejected.  It then must submit a new  
> charter for LC consideration just like any other new Group.
> (I should have said "acquire a new seat on the LC" in my original  
> comments.)
>           ....rogerM
> Eve Maler wrote:
>> I don't think this is quite correct.  Successful submission  
>> ("acceptance") is one condition, but successful approval by Sep 14  
>> is another.  If the LC approval vote fails during our mandated 30- 
>> day window, the founding group still loses its special seat.  (It's  
>> not clear whether it would be the "same" or a different group that  
>> later submits a charter (using the same or different text!) that  
>> wins approval, so I don't think "regaining" a seat should be an  
>> issue -- a founding seat would simply be lost if the vote fails.  
>> Hopefully this situation will remain theoretical, though. :-)
>> By the way, I really appreciate the efforts you've been putting (as  
>> a lurker, no less!) into careful reading of the minutes and careful  
>> observation of our practices, and I'll endeavor to capture motions  
>> more formally in future.
>>  Eve
>> On 29 Jul 2009, at 12:01 PM, Roger Martin wrote:
>>> Eve,
>>> With respect to the first motion (Aug 15th deadline for Founding  
>>> WG Charters).....
>>> The minutes do not make clear when the WG becomes a non-voting  
>>> member of the LC if it fails to successfully submit its Charter by  
>>> Aug 15th.  I think the minutes should clarify that the WG becomes  
>>> non-voting effective 8/15/09 if it has not successfully submitted  
>>> its charter.  If that happens, then it must then go through the  
>>> normal process of creating a new WG (with Charter) in order to re- 
>>> acquire a seat on the LC.
>>> I think that the motion that was approved was the following (and  
>>> since I am not a member of the LC, this is just a friendly  
>>> suggestion :-) ).
>>> **********************************************************
>>> Deadline for Submission of Founding Work Group Charters and  
>>> Maintaining LC Voting Status
>>> The LC establishes August 15, 2009 as the deadline for successful  
>>> submission of “Founding”
>>> WG Charters”.  A “Founding” WG whose Charter has not been  
>>> successfully submitted by that
>>> date will lose LC voting status until a new Charter has been  
>>> submitted and approved.
>>> **********************************************************
>>>    ....roger (aka lurker)
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>>> Eve Maler wrote:
>>>> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/Leadership+Council+Teleconference+-+2009-07-29
>>>> Please take a look and let me know if I missed anything.
>>>>     Eve

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