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Ingo.Friese at telekom.de Ingo.Friese at telekom.de
Wed May 16 07:39:04 UTC 2018

Dear IDoT-Group,

Today we started a new work item on EIC 2018 (https://www.kuppingercole.com/events/eic2018). The working title is "Authentication with the help of public keys in a Blockchain".
In a future eco-system like a Smart City there going to be many players from various domains with close cooperation of services provided by different partners (communities,
authorities, companies, citizens and many more).
Services are exchanging messages continuously. The public key of the sender could be transmitted along with the message. This can be used for 1) decrypt the message or encrypt the answer message and 2) to authenticate the sender. Our idea is to validate or more precisely compare the public key with the help of a Blockchain that contains all public keys of the players in an eco system.
This simple idea raises few questions and open issues we have tackle first:
-         What kind of BC is needed? (public/private)
-         How to transport the PuKey in a message? JWT/JOSE?
-         How to establish initial trust?
-         Who is allowed to write key-URL pair to the BC? (Consensus-Mechanism)
-         How to handle/mark outdated  data?
-         What BC Technology is the most suitable one?
-         Implementation of a prototype /PoC
-         Many others...
Lets discuss, design and prototype a great way for authentication in the Internet of Things.
If you are interested in this work item just let me know and drop me a mail or/and join the Identiy of Things Discussion Group.
JOIN on:

or contact:
Ingo.Friese at telekom.de<mailto:Ingo.Friese at telekom.de>
In my next mail I'll will set up aa doodle to find an appropriate timeslot for our bi-weekly phone call.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Viele Grüße / Best Regards
Ingo Friese

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