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hi all, usually I'm only a "viewer/listener" in this amazing group but I find the idea realyl usefull. My points:1) this search engine should be a sort of "white pages" of my own sensors, as Ingo correctly states: "Of course not everybody wants to publish a link to his data to everyone in the Interne" but doesn't mean one could not want exactly the opposite. We do need anyway to setup some basic filters/rules like: visibility, certificate status (the sensor is still available?if it is not a person but a company how do I certify it comes from it?)2) usability, this search engine may be a first example of what I call "my IDoT" that is a way to expose the relationship between my sensors with other creating a taxonomy of what I have, what I use,what I accept to connect with/to3) how ppl may use it? Let say I founded a good sensor to use, how do I connect to? Do the site expose a standard way to define the connection?
How do I collaborate? :) 

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T-Labs (Research & Innovation)
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