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                                                  Published by    OASIS      14 January 2015       Read paper →                    Business    Technology    #mqtt    #iot                            Intel’s OIC unveils the IoTivity standard for device discovery — Tech News and Analysis               Shared by    OASIS                      gigaom­.com - After launching last July with a press release and promises of taking on the problem of device-to-device communication and discovery, the Open Interconnect Consortium has launched the initial versi...                 AllSeen extends remote management specs - Rethink Wireless               Shared by    OASIS                www­.rethink-wireless.com - Among the scores of would-be standards targeting the internet of things (IoT), AllSeen is likely to prove one of the enduring ones, partly because of leader Qualcomm's power and its strong supporte...                 A New Auto-ID Integration Standard Could Play a Big IoT Role - RFID Journal               Shared by    OASIS                www­.rfidjournal.com - A New Auto-ID Integration Standard Could Play a Big IoT Role An OPC UA companion standard being developed by AIM and the OPC Foundation represents an important step toward greatly simplifying the i...                 The Next ZigBee, 3.0 - Post - No Jitter               Shared by    OASIS                      www­.nojitter.com - If you're working Internet of Things into your IT plan -- as you should be -- then you'll need to know all about this latest wireless standard. If the Internet of Things isn't already part of your ...                 2015 Predictions: M2M, IoT set for strong growth in 2015               Shared by    OASIS                      www­.rcrwireless.com - Editor’s Note: With 2015 now upon us, RCR Wireless News has gathered predictions from leading industry analysts and executives on what they expect to see in the new year. With the “Internet of Thin...                 What to expect next: A cloud platform for the Internet of things | VentureBeat | Cloud               Shared by    OASIS                      venturebeat­.com - The Internet of things (IoT) is becoming one of the most relevant trends in the history of the software industry. As connectivity, storage, and compute become more pervasive, we’re seeing an explos...                 IoT Standards: How Many is Too Many?               Shared by    OASIS                      www­.itbusinessedge.com - Four Ways to Unlock Value from the Internet of Things The Internet of Things (IoT) raises lots of possibilities: On one hand, the existence of the IoT could mean huge strides in a virtually endless...                 Eurotech releases Everyware Software Framework 3.0 for IoT               Shared by    Dominik Obermaier                      www­.embedded.com - Eurotech has just released its next step beyond simple low bandwidth MQTT publish-subscribe device connectivity - Everywhere Software Framework (ESF) 3.0, its Java OSGi software framework for M2M m...                 IT's 10 Steps to IoT Success | Enterprise IT               Shared by    OASIS                      www­.ecommercetimes.com - This past week's International CES brought even greater attention to the seemingly infinite opportunities being created by the rapidly evolving Internet of Things. However, it also created plenty o...                 Will Samsung’s $100 Million Internet of Things Strategy Pay Off? (SSNLF)               Shared by    OASIS                      www­.fool.com - One of the most important aspects of the Internet of Things -- where formerly unconnected devices tap into the Internet -- is that all of the devices will easily communicate with each other. It's s...                      Videos                                Shared by    Josh Juneau                                       Shared by    Dominik Obermaier                                       Shared by    Anil Kumar                  More Videos →             Technology          CloudRail Scores Seed Round To Help Developers Solve IoT Interoperability Problem               Shared by    techcrunch.com                          Creating an IoT-connected sensor with Energia & MQTT               Shared by    ubiq_01                          IoT: Ensuring security is in place               Shared by    ecnmag.com                          More Technology →           Photos                                Shared by    OASIS                                       Shared by    OASIS                                       Shared by    OASIS                  More Photos →                      Business •  Technology •  #mqtt •  #iot          Read paper →                  Email powered by  
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