[DG-IDoT] Google's "Physical Web"

benoit.bailleux at orange.com benoit.bailleux at orange.com
Fri Oct 10 11:47:54 CDT 2014

Hi all,

As mentioned during today's call, here some info on the new "Physical 
Web" by Google. As far as I understand (but I didn't read the doc in 
details), its main characteristics are :
  . it's a discovery service: a smart object broadcasts (e.g. over BLE) 
relevant URLs that any nearby device can receive (*)
  . an URL is associated with each object; this URL can be opened with 
any application (e.g. a web browser)
  . a web page is associated to the URL. The URL can change through 
time; the web page can request credentials etc.

(*) I realize that this URL may correspond to a resource that is not 
located in the object itself. In that case, the object is just a beacon 
that gives an entry point to a service.


At the same time, someone told me about dweet.io, a start-up the has 
deployed a service also based on URL as an identifier for object, but 
with apparently a different approach. See https://dweet.io/

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