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Ingo.Friese at telekom.de Ingo.Friese at telekom.de
Fri Nov 14 04:26:05 CST 2014

Dear IDoT group,
We had our bi-weekly call last week. We talked about things we'd like to do as a group during the next weeks.

1.)    I gave a short report on IRM summit in Dublin. The main message is our discovery approach using context or more precisely relationship fits perfectly to IRM.  In fact IRM means to use this concept also for user IDM in order to make processes smarter.

2.)    We have different slide sets:

-          One for Challenges from the Identities of Things (showing white spots and challenges of Identity Management in IoT)

-          How to find a Thing (describes a basic principle - Identity and Relationship to discover devices from various namespaces / similarity of names etc.)

-          A third slide set is in preparation (it is about blockchains see next point)

3.)    SAVE THE DATE:  We plan to have a talk in our ConfCall on 12.December about Blockchains as a concept enabling trust among various devices. Matteo will give us an overview and will be around for Q&A

4.)    It's time for a next paper where we explain our findings in more detail. Slides are fine for the moment but we need something to reference and to discuss in detail.

ACTION: I'm looking for editors/co-authors/reviewers. Please come back to me if you want to write on this paper.
We had a few canceled and postponed confcalls over the last months. With our next call on 28.11 be should be back in our bi-weekly cycle as planned. The last call this year will be the "Blockchain call" on 12th of December.
I'm looking forward to hearing you in 2 weeks from now.
If you have any comments or questions let me know and post it to the list.
Best regards,


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