[DG-IDoT] Input for todays afternoon call: first aspects on ONS

Frank.Mildner at telekom.de Frank.Mildner at telekom.de
Fri Jun 27 03:48:06 CDT 2014

Dear all,

Please find enclosed an input for the IDoT state of the art paper. I would like to discuss die ONS issue with you in our conference call today.

We should think about if or  how can we consider the ONS, the EPC or parts of the ONS/EPC as an element in IDoT

Some aspects on the existing Object Name System (ONS) under consideration of the IDoT.

Purpose of ONS:

Resolution of Electronic Product Codes (EPC) - Identifiers in a numbering system for goods assign by  an international industry consortium EPCglobal.
With the goal to come from a unique identifier for an object to the object-specific information - also called EPC Information System (EPCIS)
ONS is the basic concept behind the RFID tag use case on goods.

How it works:

The EPC are numeric identifier which consist of  Company Prefix + Object Class + Serial Number.
ONS works similar to the Domain Name System (DNS). The ONS resolves/maps  the EPC into a link (EPCIS URI) to the object related information.
Applications can use this link for services e.g. product information, logistics, ... (See below)
The EPCglobal acts as ONS root.
The producers act as EPC manager for hic EPC domain
To find the company  is under governance of the root owner
To find or get a link to EPC information is under governance of the producer.

[cid:image003.png at 01CF9097.9062CFD0]

Easy to implement, easy to use, stable,
Use existing standard IP protocols,
data economical ( UDP only)
Powerful organizations like GS1

Weak security, no privacy, lack of integrity, ... ONS - root can track the queries and therefore the profile of good flows
The current ONS is unipolar - single delegation chain
Reverse mapping is not really to provide in the ONS - that means: a resolution / mapping from an EPCIS URI to an EPC does not really work
Power structure - ONS root is provided by VeriSign, ONS top level domains (EPC manager) are provided by producers

ONS evolution:

-          National, alternative ONS roots (multipolar ONS)

-          Discovery services for cross domain, EPC fragments or reverse lookups

The way I see it for our KANTARA group:
ONS is listed in the IoT
There is no way around ONS.  For EPCs
We have to consider the existing ONS - face the truth ;)

We should think about how can we consider the ONS or parts of the ONS as an element in IDoT.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Viele Grüße / Best Regards
Frank Mildner

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