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Scott Shorter sshorter at electrosoft-inc.com
Tue Jun 10 11:18:39 CDT 2014

FYI all, I just stumbled across the US DOD's Item Unique Identification
program: http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/pdi/uid/

To quote:

*Unique Identifier (UI):*  A character string, number, or sequence of bits
assigned to a discrete entity or its associated attribute which serves to
uniquely distinguish it from other like and unlike entities. Each unique
identifier has only one occurrence within its defined scope of use. (Ref: *DOD
Directive 8320.03*)

*Unique identification (UID):*  A system of establishing globally unique
and unambiguous identifiers within the Department of Defense, which serve
to distinguish a discrete entity or relationship from other like and unlike
entities or relationships. (Ref: *MIL-STD-130N Change 1*)

*Unique item identifier (UII):*  A globally unique and unambiguous
identifier that distinguishes an item from all other like and unlike items.
The UII is derived from a UII data set of one or more data elements.
(Ref: *MIL-STD-130N
Change 1*)

*Item unique identification (IUID):*  A system of establishing unique item
identifiers (UII) within the DoD by assigning a machine-readable character
string or number to a discrete item, which serves to distinguish it from
other like and unlike items. (Ref: *MIL-STD-130N Change 1*)

*Item:*  “Item” means a single hardware article or a single unit formed by
a grouping of subassemblies, components, or constituent parts. (Ref: *DFARS

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