[DG-IDoT] starter set of IoT defintions

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I tried to extend the paper a bit. Let's see if you agree with the changes. They are marked with yellow.



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During our call on Friday 10 JAN, we determined that we needed to begin creating some definitions for the IoT space to prevent confusion as we move along.

The attached "starter set" is a first draft at trying to define some of the concepts for which we need a common understanding in order to have fruitful discussions.  Not only are these definitions open to modification, but the concepts, themselves, may require reconsideration.

Accordingly, please review the attached document and send me your feedback.  Once it gains a certain level of consensus I'll publish it to the IoT site.  (As a matter of version control, I think it is easier to consoidate multiple individual comments on the current draft, before publishing it to the site.

Thank you.


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