[DG-IDoT] Friendly reminder Doodle for "new scheduled Konf-Call"

Ingo.Friese at telekom.de Ingo.Friese at telekom.de
Fri Nov 29 07:52:03 CST 2013


I'd like to encourage you to fill out the doodle poll. I'd like to find a good time for our IDoT confcall.


Best Ingo

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Subject: [DG-IDoT] doodle poll for a new IDoT confcall time

Hi all,

This is the announced doodle poll. Please let me know when the best time for you is to take part for less than 1 hour call (every second week)
If you just want to take part from time to time, put in your name and leave everything open.
If you want to be in the call please fill in yes, maybe(yes) and no options.
If you have any questions please let me know!


Thank you!



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