[DG-IDoT] Stawman framework for Use Case Analysis/comparison

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Ingo and Jeff,


Great item for focus.  We might look at the OnStar or other vehicle services
for car folks.  Traffic data is a pretty good analog.






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I see the same privacy problem. I described it in a former mail. I have a
project with a manufacturer of harvesters. In fact these people collect data
in a machine that is owned by a farmer. But the manufacturer collects data
with an attitude as he is the owner of these data. To get worst the
manufacturer wants to sell these data to the farmer.


I thought about asking our Kantara privacy and public policy group. I hope
they can give us opinions, hints or a bit guidance here.


Best Ingo


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I don't disagree with the strawman as depicted.  But I suspect that one area
that may require further decomposition is the notion of "Identity Owner."  I
am not certain what this indicates.  My first guess is that it is an attempt
to specify the identity of the entity that "owns" the device.  To me this is
one of the stickiest issues of IoT.  If I buy a device that collects my
exercise data and presents it to me to help me manage my fitness, do I own
the device?  Do I own the data it generates?  What if the device maker
builds-in a data feed to their data warehouse to use the data to
characterize the broader population of its users?  If they charge me a
subscription fee to access my data, do I really "own" the device?


The car example adds even more complexity.  I buy a car, but it has a
built-in data feed to the manufacturer that transmit my driving behavior, my
location, whether or not my airbag has deployed.  Does it matter that I own
the car, if the manufacturer owns the data?  What happens to the ownership
of the historical data when I sell the car to someone else?  Are they
entitled to the history?  Or is it personal data that I retain rights to?
(Could I buy a car formerly owned by a celebrity and analyze their data to
profile them for an expose' in a magazine?)  "Owners" may not be


While the issues of ownership can be resolved through contracts law, I think
we need to consider the various ramifications in order to appreciate the
ramifications of different contact arrangements.


Thank you.




On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 3:05 PM, Salvatore D'Agostino <sal at idmachines.com>



Thanks for starting this.  I wonder if the following comments on in the
spirit of what is going on here.  


As to measurement might that be related to a sense as in see, touch and
those the units of those like lumens, calories.  Perhaps some kinds and
classes of attributes are there.   This is kind of where I was going with
the earlier notes in that they relates to the type of things you can do on
the wires or radios in the previous set of docs.


Also seems you might have calibration as part of the registration of
""measurement"" as part of the identity lifecycle for those things







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Thanks Keith


So to my action... veeeery basically... like this...


Lots needs doing I know, but do you kinda get my drift?





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Minutes of the call are up on the wiki.




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