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Not a comprehensive threat model but certainly known hacks as evidence, lots
of them, e.g.

http://www.canbushack.com/blog/index.php <- canbus, zigbee ->
http://webdelcire.com/wordpress/archives/1714 (in Spanish)




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I agree about who the potential attackers and adversaries are, and I also
agree with your goal.


Has there been a comprehensive threat model documented somewhere for IoT?
Apologies for the probably newbie question, but I'm just starting to get my
feet wet here. In the context of this discussion, I'm looking for the
overall picture to see where it is likely that attackers would focus their






On Nov 20, 2013, at 3:30 PM, j stollman <stollman.j at gmail.com> wrote:



You are correct in calling my concept "security by obscurity."  And this is
a good solution only for unpopular (obscure) protocols.  It won't solve the
problem for popular protocols.  And the success of obscure protocols may
cause them to eventually become popular.  So it is not a good long-term


I wholeheartedly agree that developing a few hardened protocols is a better
solution.  I am just not convinced that such protocols can be developed.
The more devices use them, the greater the potential pay-off for bad actors.
And, as we have already seen in the ordinary internet, bad actors are not
limited to desperate, uneducated, poor people.  Adversaries have the same
skill level as the best protocol developers.  And they continue to find new
exploits as we patch the old ones.  But the reason I am participating in
this discussion is in the hope that we can come up with some viable
solutions that solve enough of the issues for enough of the use cases to
prevent IoT from collapsing under the weight of its vulnerabilities.


Thank you for your insight.






On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 6:11 PM, Einar Nilsen-Nygaard (einarnn)
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I won't say that linking everything by a single protocol is desirable, as I
don't think it is, but I don't agree that using multiple protocols is a
viable defense-in-depth strategy. It could be seen perhaps more like
security by obscurity, and while it may initially make it more difficult for
adversaries to take over networks and devices, it also makes it harder for
us to manage the networks ourselves as we deal with the protocol soup and
may give us a false sense of security


Wouldn't it be better to invest in trying to ensure we have a relatively
small number of hardened protocols (perhaps engineered for specific problem
domains?) that we focus on, rather than a potentially large number of
relatively insecure protocols due to the diluted efforts across vendors?






On Nov 18, 2013, at 10:39 PM, j stollman <stollman.j at gmail.com> wrote:

I am not yet convinced that the ability to link everything through a single
protocol is desirable.   


The notion of being able to obtain data from all sensors and/or to be able
to control all active components is alluring.  But, I would assert that
anything that we can do with this new ability, adversaries can exploit as


The notion of defense-in-depth is to complicate control of devices by using
multiple protocols.  This makes it more difficult for adversaries to take
over our networks and devices.


Deciding which devices to make easily accessible and which to make more
complicated is going to be a complicated process.




On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 9:16 AM, Salvatore D'Agostino <sal at idmachines.com>

Thanks Ingo, 


Yes that's a traditional SCADA approach.  Certainly applies, sensor
\controller\ network


At the same time the reason we are talking about this is that much of this
is available at the edge.


Rgds all,




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Hi All,


I'm back from vacation and business trips. One week ago I promoted our group
at IEEE IoT workshop. 

Find attached my slide set.

I'd like to draw your attention to slide 4. This is my attempt to cluster
and to prioritize different IdM Topics

(identifier, mapping, discovery, authentication, authorization, privacy.).


I saw a youtube video by Scott Jenson (@Paul thanks for sending the link to
the list). Scott sees three layers of complexity in the IoT.

-          First one is about simple sensors/actuators e.g. measuring the
temperature at "central square" - here the challenge is discovery

-          Second layer is "control" - it's about putting some restrictive
elements in front of the sensor - a user needs to authenticate etc.

-          Third layer is "coordination"-it's about many devices acting
together according to certain policies etc.

Along these layers I located different sub-topics of our identity

Maybe it's a good way to bring some order and focus to our groups topics.

It would be good to match this order with your current IoT
projects/experiences and provide feedback.


Many greets,




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Truth never triumphs - its opponents just die out.

Science advances one funeral at a time.

                                    Max Planck


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