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Thanks Ingo, 


Yes that's a traditional SCADA approach.  Certainly applies, sensor
\controller\ network


At the same time the reason we are talking about this is that much of this
is available at the edge.


Rgds all,




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Hi All,


I'm back from vacation and business trips. One week ago I promoted our group
at IEEE IoT workshop. 

Find attached my slide set.

I'd like to draw your attention to slide 4. This is my attempt to cluster
and to prioritize different IdM Topics

(identifier, mapping, discovery, authentication, authorization, privacy.).


I saw a youtube video by Scott Jenson (@Paul thanks for sending the link to
the list). Scott sees three layers of complexity in the IoT.

-          First one is about simple sensors/actuators e.g. measuring the
temperature at "central square" - here the challenge is discovery

-          Second layer is "control" - it's about putting some restrictive
elements in front of the sensor - a user needs to authenticate etc.

-          Third layer is "coordination"-it's about many devices acting
together according to certain policies etc.

Along these layers I located different sub-topics of our identity

Maybe it's a good way to bring some order and focus to our groups topics.

It would be good to match this order with your current IoT
projects/experiences and provide feedback.


Many greets,




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