[DG-IDoT] FW: RSA U.S. Call for Speakers Now Open! Submit Today!

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Hi Jeff-


I think you are spot-on. We can continue to define technical frameworks (and
we will ;-) but the big storm brewing is:


a)      The convenience and pervasiveness of connected services

b)      Collection and monetization of data (can debate and categorize what
is PII or not and how it is still usable, etc)

c)       Identity ownership and control s: evolution, impact, possibilities

d)      Challenges and impact on business models, and individuals as this
battle looms.


>From my perspective, there are four levels to this dilemma that should be
reviewed/clarified for the audience:


1.       Legacy models like the credit bureaus. They have long collecting
everything, are bureaucratic, and monetize data in many ways. Facebook's
monetization model isn't new just the way they collect it.

2.       Opt-in relationships: Such as Facebook. We may be opted-in when we
sign up (don't agree with that by the way) but we do consciously sign up for
the relationship and is intended to share on some level (unlike my mortgage
account or my vehicle records or services).

3.       Leakage: The usage of a service that does not disclose that it is
collecting data, or irresponsibly leaks your data to another service (lots
of mobile apps are quite "chatty" in this way). Basically, any that are
"free" apps, are doing this so (and not disclosing) it's a BIG problem.

4.       Government Surveillance: PRISM, etc. For me, the debate on this is
two-fold, not only the legality but the controlled usage of any collected
data. Obvious, but just to point out. 


I am interested in collaborating and/or participating in the panel as well,
up to you. 






Terry Gold

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My personal bias would be to have a panel discussion on the implications of
IoT on privacy.  (We can submit more than one proposal and hold more than
one panel.)


And I think some of the questions that we have already begun discussing
(e.g., who controls the data for a ca?, will "things" have their own
personal cloud or be part of a person's cloud?) that could provide fodder
for a captivating discussion.  .  (We can submit more than one proposal and
hold more than one panel.)


I have already begun drafting a proposal for a panel for which I am
interested in other panelists.  I have attached a draft.  If you are
interested in participating, let me know.






On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 7:03 AM, <Ingo.Friese at telekom.de> wrote:

Hi all,


We'd like to propose a KI panel discussion at RSA 2014 around IDoT. This
would be a great opportunity for our group to promote/discuss/get feedback
for our work.

Joni was as friendly as to bring up this chance. She will help us to finish
a one-pager for a proposed session. 

I will start with a rough version putting in



(Identity of Things - Access Management as usual or do we need something

We have learned a lot about identity management for subjects in the past. We
have well known approaches like RBAC or ABAC developed web protocols and
mechanisms like OpenID, OAuth, UMA. But is this sufficient for the internet
of things? What's missing? What is so challenging about?  Etc.) (just a very
first draft and still rather an example).thinking about other authentication
methods than username/password, more than one owner/user of a thing, new
mapping approaches etc.


As we are a group from different industries I'd like to ask you for other
topics around  Big Data, Privacy, Security etc..in conjunction with IDoT.
Ideas are highly welcome!

I will aggregate/integrate them to a nice paper

IT would be great if you come up with few bullet points to support us. And
If I get it right we also looking for panelists (correct me if I'm wrong


Thank you in advance!





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Could you start a rough draft for proposed session? IdOT can help but you'll
need some staff and quick volunteers b/c the opp closes July 25. That comes


If you can give a one page heather and I can help. I suggest proposing a
panel as the mode for session. We can help you fill the panel when time


Do you think its possible as a start? 


I hope you get the opp AND selected!!

On Monday, July 1, 2013, wrote:



I'd love to. Great opportunity to introduce / discuss / get feedback for




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In the same track of thought Nat, and in addition to Colin's well placed
usual suspect assurance discussion, I think the Kantara IDoT might make some
early proposal around Privacy, Big-Data and Identity of Things.  Ingo would
you be interested?  

Joni Brennan
Kantara Initiative | Executive Director
voice:+1 732-226-4223 <tel:%2B1%20732-226-4223> 
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On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 9:21 AM, Nat Sakimura <sakimura at gmail.com> wrote:

I am wondering if RSA is security only event. 


When you talk about Big Data etc., you cannot dodge the privacy questions. 

That might be another interesting topic. 


2013/6/27 Colin Wallis <colin_wallis at hotmail.com>

I'm thinking there might be a play at the higher LOA approval level here.. a
kind of Kantara Assurance. BBFA, MACCSA joint play.
The slight problem is that *that* thinking might be slightly premature
(thinking of the July MACCSA meeting) ..
But I'm thinking that the RSA audience would find it interesting and offers
presenting organizations a way to showcase an opportunity for the audience
organizations to play in what is probably a new space for most of them...
(says he choosing his words carefully..:-)) 


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Dear All,
Which Kantara stakeholders seek to work toward Kantara proposals for RSA SFO
2014?  Which WGs / DGs will seek to submit their own proposals? 

The call opens now and closes July 25. 

Best Regards,

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Joni Brennan
Kantara Initiative | Executive Director
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Building Trusted Identity Ecosystems - It takes a village! 
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