[DG-IDoT] IDoT DG minutes 2013-12-03

Ingo.Friese at telekom.de Ingo.Friese at telekom.de
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Hi Navneet,

I checked the messages. The minutes where sent Nov. 19th to the list by Keith
Colin sent his excel sheet 20th Nov. Sal his material 19th Nov.
The list is dg-idot at kantarainitiative.org<mailto:dg-idot at kantarainitiative.org>.
If you have difficulties to find the messages I can forward them to you.

Best regards,


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Hi Ingo:
I was going thru the action items and I could not find the action points of Sai and Colin. To which list was the info sent? I could not find it in dg-idot. Will appreciate.



From: "Ingo.Friese at telekom.de<mailto:Ingo.Friese at telekom.de>" <Ingo.Friese at telekom.de<mailto:Ingo.Friese at telekom.de>>
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Subject: [DG-IDoT] IDoT DG minutes 2013-12-03

Dear All,

Minutes of the call are up on the wiki http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/IDoT/IDoT+telecon+2013-12-03

Many greetings,

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