[DG-BSC] "Wise Contracts" - smart contracts and prose objects - paper now on SSRN

Eve Maler eve.maler at forgerock.com
Sat Mar 11 10:57:29 CST 2017

Congratulations to you and Helena! We will be sure to add a link to the paper, and maybe a few selected quotes, to the Report. Been working through the To-Dos section.

Eve (from my iPad)

> On Mar 11, 2017, at 8:50 AM, James Hazard <james.g.hazard at gmail.com> wrote:
> The paper that Helena Haapio and I did on the fit between smart contracts and prose objects is now available on SSRN. 
> It extends the "Ricardian contract" paradigm of Ian Grigg that has been picked up by R3cev, Barclays and others.  
> At the same time, I started making prose objects - CommonAccord document solutions - as separate git repos.  The fit is good - a git repo is a useful "punctuation" (@xmlgrrl) for a prose object.  It follows in the footsteps of how coders collaborate.
> https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2925871
> http://source.commonaccord.org/index.php?action=list&file=G/
> Greetings from sunny Sacramento.
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> @commonaccord
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