[DG-BSC] Meeting and editing schedule

Eve Maler eve.maler at forgerock.com
Mon Mar 6 14:16:17 CST 2017

Hello all-- Thomas and I are editing and collaborating away, and making
sure not to miss all the pearls of wisdom in our meeting minutes, wiki, and
email threads. Therefore, during this period, we will not be holding
meetings until we have a complete first draft of the Report for your to
review; the target date for that is Tuesday, March 28.

We'd like to ask the Kantara staff to remove the calendar entries for the
meetings before then.

For those who want to make comments on the Report by the date -- or even
anytime before -- please be sure to review it online and make
*written* comments.
If you need commenting/suggestion access, please do that through the Google
Docs mechanism or contact us.

We have begun putting to-do items at the end of the document. Most are for
us, but some are for other contributors. You generally know who you are.
:-) We'll be contacting/namechecking you folks as we go.

Thank you all for your support and your awesome contributions! If any
question, you know where live (virtually :-) ).

*Eve Maler*ForgeRock Office of the CTO | VP Innovation & Emerging Technology
Cell +1 425.345.6756 | Skype: xmlgrrl | Twitter: @xmlgrrl
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