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   - Report

Attending: Eve, Matisse, Susan, Devon, Marco, Kathleen, Adrian, Thomas

Kathleen notes that HL7 has woken up to blockchain, and says it will be
doing something by 2018.

Adrian will be speaking
<https://cyber.harvard.edu/events/digitalhealth/2017/01/Gropper> at Harvard
Law School on Thursday on "free, independent health records"; the talk will
include a lot about UMA. PPR will be filling comment on the Sedona work.

*Verifiable claims:* We looked at Manu's responses to Adrian's questions.
Adrian is advocating for moving away from federation. Thomas and Eve's
analysis focused on being dubious about much being new in the approach vs.
what's possible with JWTs, and this being troublesome from the perspective
of "respecting and balancing all ecosystem parties' needs". Kathleen
comments that for our readers to consider the spectrum of ecosystems (tight
to loose), what is the most an individual should "have to put with" just to
get the service they want and have trust? The goal should be to find
discoverable semantics, and compute the trust you need.

One thing we missed in the W3C charter is that it talks about extensible
semantics. But otherwise it doesn't differentiate what it's trying to do
from other claim formats.

The temptation is to design a JWT-based format that has the extensions that
do what VC is doing! Susan observes that it was ID2020 that was the
impetus. She suggests going back to the VC people and asking for a brief
analysis that shows a compare/contrast over existing tools in extended
form, for the empowerment goals we hold (the charter doesn't mention this
goal). Lowering friction in development and deployment is one that we're
concerned about (for accelerating adoption and also for reducing complexity
= greater security); can they speak to that?

Thomas notes that people are starting to change out the word "trust" for
the word "blockchain". Yikes! But then it still gets down to key
management; the problem hasn't gone away. This could turn into an

*AI:* Eve: Ask Manu if it's okay to share his responses with the group, and
let him know that we're discussing our whole analysis.

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