[DG-BSC] Notes from BSC telecon Thursday, January 19

Eve Maler eve.maler at forgerock.com
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   - Report

Attending: Eve, Devon, JohnW, Adrian, Colin L.

We discussed the CommonAccord section in the report. John created a diagram
(file name "BSC DG Decision-Making Power 2017-01-19.png" on Eve's computer)
to describe the opportunity to even things up. Eve suggests creating an
Observations section talking about contractual mechanisms and tensions
around them, with the diagram as a centerpiece; it would pull in a lot of
mentions of the tech/techs. Some Recommendations that may fall out could do
with strengthening the connection between legal and smart contracts in a
formal way.

We discussed the Legal Contracts section. We debated the order of tech/tech
sections; it would be nice to have Smart Contracts and Legal Contracts very
near each other. The notion of "fully executed legal contracts" brings them
together conceptually.

*Next Tuesday:* Look at Manu's answers on Verifiable Claims, and look at
Eve's putative new sections, and look at the User-Submitted Terms section
from JohnW.

(*NOTE:* Eve can't make next *Thursday's* call because she'll be doing a Data
Privacy Day event in SF
and hopes Thomas can run it.)

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