[DG-BSC] Notes from BSC telecon Thursday, January 12

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Thu Jan 12 13:39:04 CST 2017



   - Report

Attending: Eve, Thomas, Kathleen, Devon, Adrian, Colin, JohnW

The current exercise is to rationalize the entire ToC and outline. Devon
has moved over all the text from the old report – thank you, Devon!

We started discussing Verifiable Claims again; Adrian has gotten some more
information about the role of Linked Data as a differentiator vs. JWT.

Devon and Kathleen are working on OPAL/Enigma content. Kathleen has gotten
the okay to bring on HL7 work around creating trust contracts on the fly
for, e.g., a research repository controller and a researcher (or anyone)
comes with a "safe query" (for differential privacy).

Devon offers to fill in the Legal Contracts section. Excellent!

AIs for Tuesday's meeting:

   - Eve: Write UMA and Sovrin section
   - Devon: Write Legal Contracts section
   - Kathleen: Work on HL7 subsection
   - Kathleen: Expand JohnW's use case section
   - JohnW: Continue working on his technology/technique sections
   - Eve: (stretch goal) Revise Intro

We agreed it's a good idea for us to have our own Skype chat room and not
barge in on UMA chat room, so if anyone has a Skype handle that Eve
("xmlgrrl") doesn't know about, please feel free to send an invite to her.

*Eve Maler*ForgeRock Office of the CTO | VP Innovation & Emerging Technology
Cell +1 425.345.6756 | Skype: xmlgrrl | Twitter: @xmlgrrl
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