[DG-BSC] Notes from BSC telecon Tuesday, January 10

Eve Maler eve.maler at forgerock.com
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   - Report

Attending: Eve, Adrian, Matisse, Thomas, Susan, JohnW

Eve gave an update on the efforts to move to the new report doc. Devon is
helping Thomas and Eve with some key overall editing tasks.

Adrian described the value proposition of Verifiable Claims: It "kills the
need for federation" because, in a triple-blind manner, the RP can verify a
claim directly from the issuer. Thomas's and Eve's analysis didn't find
this to be true in any special way; the technology looks extremely similar
to JWTs, for example, and the notion of an RP is a federation notion and
requires trust to be established somehow. Adrian will review, discuss with
Manu (the draft spec author), and get back to the group.

Thomas has filled out the OPAL/Enigma section; no analysis section yet.

What's the best way to drive to consensus on the analysis of each section?

Thomas, Eve, and Devon will continue editing, and will draw the DG's
attention to new sections for timely review. Scheduled meetings will focus
on analysis and review.

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