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Answer from Ashish, founder of BanQu:

Hi Susan !
Happy new year ! So good to hear from you.
We would absolutely love to be in the report. But right now we are completely swamped with our global rollout to be able to pull together this info.
Love to participate in the next one. 
Btw- we have a major piece in the economic identity report that UN put out last week



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> On Jan 3, 2017, at 2:11 PM, Eve Maler <eve.maler at forgerock.com> wrote:
> Completing my action item, here's the questionnaire information previously provided in a list email. Note that we're now combining case studies and use cases.
> ====
> For case studies, we said we'd use a questionnaire approach something like this:
> Deficits and benefits of how the problem space was/is being solved
> Proposed benefits of the new solution space – crystalize this (e.g., fraud, not "user empowerment"?)
> Different approaches being taken (e.g., whitelist? blacklist? other?) in the new solution space
> Strengths, weaknesses, risks, and open issues being seen in practice
> Cross-references to the appropriate other technology, case study, and use case sections
> Since our Report process is time-boxed, go into only as much depth as you can in a short period of time
> For use cases, we already have a template in use; I feel it may benefit from enhancement with points from the above.
> For technology/technique sections, we said we'd like to see this information:
> A definition
> A short discussion of strengths and weakness of the current way of doing things
> A short comparative discussion of strengths and weakness of the new way of doing things (if the technology/technique is "new")
> Pointers to the other technology and technique sections as appropriate (so that we have cross-references among the sections)
> Eve Maler
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>> On Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 11:08 AM, Eve Maler <eve.maler at forgerock.com> wrote:
>> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/BSC/2017-01+%28January+2017%29+Meetings#id-2017-01(January2017)Meetings-Tuesday,January3
>> Agenda:
>> Report work
>> Attending: Eve, Thomas, Kathleen, Matisse, Thorsten, Adrian, Susan, Devon (finishing law school, studying data privacy), SteveO, JohnW
>> Our DG's life is extended just for this next month.
>> Kathleen points to the 21st Century Cures Act (house bill link). It calls for a trust framework. Adrian notes that it mentions longitudinal health records, which is a novel challenge in the patient context vs. clinical research (subjects). See his blog post.
>> To pick a fintech use case, can we find one with an individual perspective vs. an institutional perspective? Can we pick one from Sedona that has the right characteristics? Susan notes that Everledger is working to ensure that the ethical diamond use case is protecting workers etc., not just tracking the diamonds. What about BanQu ("Dignity Through Identity") as a financial use case for empowerment? Susan has talked to the principal.
>> AI: Eve to send the questionnaire to Susan for sharing with the BanQu person and to Adrian for sharing with the Consensys people.
>> AI: Thomas: Fill out the questionnaire for Enigma/Opal.
>> AI: Adrian: Fill out the questionnaire for his use case (and/or write the full use case!  ).
>> AI: Eve: Flesh out report outline (hopefully together with Thomas), completing AIs in report comments, before our Thursday meeting.
>> Eve Maler
>> ForgeRock Office of the CTO | VP Innovation & Emerging Technology
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