[DG-BSC] Notes from BSC telecon Tuesday, January 3

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   - Report

Attending: Eve, Thomas, Kathleen, Matisse, Thorsten, Adrian, Susan, Devon
(finishing law school, studying data privacy), SteveO, JohnW

Our DG's life is extended just for this next month.

Kathleen points to the 21st Century Cures Act (house bill link
It calls for a trust framework. Adrian notes that it mentions longitudinal
health records, which is a novel challenge in the patient context vs.
clinical research (subjects). See his blog post

To pick a fintech use case, can we find one with an individual perspective
vs. an institutional perspective? Can we pick one from Sedona
<https://thesedonaconference.org/> that has the right characteristics?
Susan notes that Everledger is working to ensure that the ethical diamond
use case is protecting workers etc., not just tracking the diamonds. What
about BanQu <http://www.banquapp.com/> ("Dignity Through Identity") as a
financial use case for empowerment? Susan has talked to the principal.

*AI:* Eve to send the questionnaire to Susan for sharing with the BanQu
person and to Adrian for sharing with the Consensys people.

*AI:* Thomas: Fill out the questionnaire for Enigma/Opal.

*AI:* Adrian: Fill out the questionnaire for his use case (and/or write the
full use case!  ).

*AI:* Eve: Flesh out report outline (hopefully together with Thomas),
completing AIs in report comments, before our Thursday meeting.

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