[DG-BSC] Notes from BSC telecon Tuesday, October 18 (posting for Thomas from last week)

Eve Maler eve.maler at forgerock.com
Tue Oct 25 11:14:39 CDT 2016


Attendees: ScottS, Kathleen, Matisse, Thomas, JohnW

AIs for Report:

   - Text from contributors
   - Terminology and definitions

Report to dos:

Kathleen working on HL7. Jim Hazard has been talking in UMA legal, with
many similarities with FHIR work. Question is what will the Smart Contract
look like, what will it do. Adrian also writing up text.

Kathleen: reach out to Jim for text. Also Adrian has text from the ONC
Blockchain Challenge

Thomas: anything missing from the Report? Kathleen: need a definition of
SC. Scott: yes, we’re not quite there. Also expand to a list/taxonomy of
definitions and terminologies for the report.

Potential Liaisons: groups that members of BSC are involved and list of
relevant orgs looking at SC

   - HL7
   - GA4GH: Global Alliance four Genomic Health
   - CommonAccord
   - GTRI: Georgia Tech Research Institute
   - OTTO: Open Trust Taxonomy for OAuth
   - Federated Authorization
   - Smart Contracts Alliance
   - Kantara’s liaison with JTC1/ISO (Identity Assurance & Management)
      - UMA WG
      - CIS WG
   - New ISO group on blockchains (ISO TC307)
   - Sovrin
   - JLINC protocol – JSON-LD may be used for SC.
   - BlockchainCanada.org

*AI:* Thomas: start email thread on definition of SC.

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