[DG-BSC] Meeting only on Tuesday Oct 25 during this week

Eve Maler eve.maler at forgerock.com
Sun Oct 23 18:48:35 CDT 2016

Hi folks-- I'm sorry about any confusion around meeting times during my
lengthy absence. Thomas and I have coordinated for this new week, and we're
both available on Tuesday and not available on Thursday, so we've decided
the best thing to do is *meeting for an hour on Tuesday Oct 25 only*
(asking Kantara staff by bcc to please remove the calendar entry for the

I've just sent the Sovrin questionnaire answers to the list, so that's one
possible agenda item, and I saw that Jim sent his answers (possibly already
discussed?). I'm still tardy on my UMA section content, but at least we
won't be hung up for discussion topics.

Thanks again for your forbearance.

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