[DG-BSC] Please read and respond ASAP if you're mentioned: Meetings and section assignments this week, and how to fill in sections

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Mon Oct 10 19:08:28 CDT 2016

Thanks Matisse!

Hearing no fresh content coming for tomorrow (Tuesday), *let's not meet
then*. I'll ask Shannon to remove it from the calendar. But I encourage
everyone to try to *submit some content for consideration by Thursday*, and
let's take Scott up on his willingness to run the call that day.

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On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 12:57 PM, mat perugini <mat.perugini at gmail.com>

> Hallo everyone,
> I'm in, with the timetable we have agreed.
> Best regards
> Matisse
> Il 10/ott/2016 18:05, "Eve Maler" <eve.maler at forgerock.com> ha scritto:
>> Both Thomas and I are *unable to attend/run* the meetings this week. We
>> have a couple of options: a) If there is new section content to review, we
>> could seek a chair pro tem (*Scott S?*) for that purpose, or b) if there
>> isn't, we probably shouldn't meet.
>> The current assignments are as follows. You can find most of them in the
>> Report
>> <http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/BSC/Report+from+the+Blockchain+and+Smart+Contracts+Discussion+Group>
>> itself. *Can people please speak up TODAY about when they can complete
>> first drafts*, and we'll make a judgment call ASAP about tomorrow's call?
>>    - IPFS: *Thomas*
>>    - Certificate Transparency: *Scott S* (already some content there)
>>    - CommonAccord: *Jim H*
>>    - Protocol-Specific Contract Provisions:
>>       - *Kathleen* for HL7 piece
>>       - *Eve* for UMA model text piece
>>    - Legal contracts: *Scott D*
>>    - Digital Identity: *Andrew*
>>    - UMA: *Eve*
>>    - Consent Receipts: *John W*
>>    - User-Submitted Terms: *John W* or designee
>>    - Case Study: MedRec: *Kathleen*
>>    - Case Study: Blood Diamond: *Matisse+Scott S*
>>    - Case Study: Sovrin: *Eve*
>> For case studies, we said we'd use a questionnaire approach something
>> like this:
>>    - Deficits and benefits of how the problem space was/is being solved
>>    - Proposed benefits of the new solution space – crystalize this
>>    (e.g., fraud, not "user empowerment"?)
>>    - Different approaches being taken (e.g., whitelist? blacklist?
>>    other?) in the new solution space
>>    - Strengths, weaknesses, risks, and open issues being seen in practice
>>    - Cross-references to the appropriate other technology, case study,
>>    and use case sections
>>    - Since our Report process is time-boxed, go into only as much depth
>>    as you can in a short period of time
>> For *use cases*, we already have a template
>> <http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/BSC/Use+Case+Template>
>> in use; I feel it may benefit from *enhancement* with points from the
>> above.
>> For *technology/technique sections*, we said we'd like to see this
>> information:
>>    - A definition
>>    - A short discussion of strengths and weakness of the current way of
>>    doing things
>>    - A short comparative discussion of strengths and weakness of the new
>>    way of doing things (if the technology/technique is "new")
>>    - Pointers to the other technology and technique sections as
>>    appropriate (so that we have cross-references among the sections)
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