[DG-BSC] Please read and respond ASAP if you're mentioned: Meetings and section assignments this week, and how to fill in sections

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Mon Oct 10 11:35:05 CDT 2016

Thanks Eve, and hello to the list from my new work email address. It was due a rebranding, not a change of affiliation.

I’ll aim to update my sections by the end of this week. I can chair the call if there is new content to review.

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Subject: [DG-BSC] Please read and respond ASAP if you're mentioned: Meetings and section assignments this week, and how to fill in sections

Both Thomas and I are unable to attend/run the meetings this week. We have a couple of options: a) If there is new section content to review, we could seek a chair pro tem (Scott S?) for that purpose, or b) if there isn't, we probably shouldn't meet.

The current assignments are as follows. You can find most of them in the Report<http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/BSC/Report+from+the+Blockchain+and+Smart+Contracts+Discussion+Group> itself. Can people please speak up TODAY about when they can complete first drafts, and we'll make a judgment call ASAP about tomorrow's call?

  *   IPFS: Thomas
  *   Certificate Transparency: Scott S (already some content there)
  *   CommonAccord: Jim H
  *   Protocol-Specific Contract Provisions:

     *   Kathleen for HL7 piece
     *   Eve for UMA model text piece

  *   Legal contracts: Scott D
  *   Digital Identity: Andrew
  *   UMA: Eve
  *   Consent Receipts: John W
  *   User-Submitted Terms: John W or designee
  *   Case Study: MedRec: Kathleen
  *   Case Study: Blood Diamond: Matisse+Scott S
  *   Case Study: Sovrin: Eve
For case studies, we said we'd use a questionnaire approach something like this:

  *   Deficits and benefits of how the problem space was/is being solved
  *   Proposed benefits of the new solution space – crystalize this (e.g., fraud, not "user empowerment"?)
  *   Different approaches being taken (e.g., whitelist? blacklist? other?) in the new solution space
  *   Strengths, weaknesses, risks, and open issues being seen in practice
  *   Cross-references to the appropriate other technology, case study, and use case sections
  *   Since our Report process is time-boxed, go into only as much depth as you can in a short period of time
For use cases, we already have a template<http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/BSC/Use+Case+Template> in use; I feel it may benefit from enhancement with points from the above.

For technology/technique sections, we said we'd like to see this information:

  *   A definition
  *   A short discussion of strengths and weakness of the current way of doing things
  *   A short comparative discussion of strengths and weakness of the new way of doing things (if the technology/technique is "new")
  *   Pointers to the other technology and technique sections as appropriate (so that we have cross-references among the sections)

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