[DG-BSC] IIW and this DG (please respond by Friday morning!)

Eve Maler eve.maler at forgerock.com
Thu Oct 6 16:49:24 CDT 2016

Hi folks-- If you are thinking of attending IIW and don't have your ticket
yet: I've just been speaking to Phil Windley, and he was really interested
to learn of our work. *He's able to offer us a special discount
registration code for use by TOMORROW if you act quickly and let me know of
your interest by tomorrow morning.*

Also, since the Sovrin Foundation (which he writes about in detail on his
blog <http://www.windley.com>) has a "self-sovereign (no IdP) identity
using distributed ledger" approach, I suggested that we try out our case
study questionnaire technique on him, and he's totally game to respond. I
will take that action item when we have a draft questionnaire. :-)

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Cell +1 425.345.6756 | Skype: xmlgrrl | Twitter: @xmlgrrl
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