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   - Report

Attending: Eve, Thomas, Kathleen, Scott S, John W, Matisse, Adrian

*N.B.:* Many of us will begin to see daylight saving time weirdness in the
timing of BSC calls this month and into the next. Please note that US times
are normative during daylight saving time changes! Please double-check the DG
calendar <http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/BSC/Calendar> if
your local clock has changed.

We gave out additional technology writeup assignments. No new text was
written yet, but we will expect at least some for review by Thursday. The
assignment in each case is:

   - A definition
   - A short discussion of strengths and weakness of the current way of
   doing things
   - A short comparative discussion of strengths and weakness of the new
   way of doing things (if the technology/technique is "new")
   - Pointers to the other technology and technique sections as appropriate
   (so that we have cross-references among the sections)

The blockchain section will end up being the most complex and lengthy.

Discussion about "public and private blockchains have different dynamics":
How different is the dynamic when anyone can can write a block to the chain
vs. there has to be a trust framework determining who can write a block to
the chain? *How does the value to an individual (read: disempowered party)
who wants to use the resulting blockchain-based system change?* We looked
at the example of OpenBazaar.org for trading any goods in a peer-to-peer
fashion, vs. a traditional non-blockchain-based system like eBay, vs. a
private blockchain-based system where you have to get into the trust
framework (the "club")?

Discussion about public, private, different consensus protocols, etc.:
There's an interplay of consensus types and governance types. OpenBazaar in
particular may require node participants to sign an agreement (according to
Thomas's tentative understanding), although node participants may be
anonymous – we're not exactly sure.

OpenBazaar <https://openbazaar.org/> might be a good compact intro-level
example – or a worked case study. It's just a bit more controlled than
total anonymous/anarchy. It was started
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenBazaar> to illustrate that e-commerce
transactions can be legitimate in an efficient P2P environment, removing
huge third-party coercion (Amazon, eBay) concerns – but the big parties can
mitigate the risk of a bad actor in the way that we suspect P2P system
can't. We should research their level of contract/governance imposition to
see if it contains a solution to weed out bad actors.

The identities/parties in this picture: Individuals who want to trade; node
miners; OpenBazaar itself; who else?

*AI:* Eve: Ask Thomas to follow up with OpenBazaar or make introductions
with some other BSCer.

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