[DG-BSC] - Model Stock Purchase Agreement

James Hazard james.g.hazard at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 15:31:46 CDT 2016

Many of you know that the CommonAccord vision of smart contracts is
comprehensive - _all_ records of transactions could be "smart contracts,"
if we view smart contracts as records that link to their context.

At one extreme, there are high-volume, low-text transactions like
payments.  At the opposite extreme is the acquisition of a company.  An
acquisition, of course, requires many records, but we can frame it with a
single one - a transaction term sheet.

This six minute video shows the American Bar Association's "Model Stock
Purchase Agreement" in codified form, complemented by a term sheet of
parameters.  This term sheet is not a smart contract, but it is easy to see
that much of it could be automated, or at least supported by automation.

A smart contract approach to acquisition agreements could drive
codification of business operations - leading ultimately to a

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