[DG-BSC] Results from this week's editing sessions

Eve Maler eve.maler at forgerock.com
Thu Dec 22 14:07:15 CST 2016

Thomas and I want to thank Kathleen for joining today's editing session. We
have been working in a *new GDoc version of the report* because of problems
with the Confluence wiki version; that's probably better all around anyway.
You can find that version *here*
This should give you view access; those with writing assignments can
request edit access.

Our current plan is to extend our meeting schedule (which nominally should
have ended on January 5, six months to the day after our first meeting) by
a month so that we can press ahead and complete our report. If you're so
inclined, *please take a look at the draft report* -- particularly the
outline, which is what we concentrated on during this week -- in
preparation for our *Tuesday, January 3* meeting.

We wish you all *happy holidays and a wonderful new year*!

Your co-chairs :-)

*Eve Maler*ForgeRock Office of the CTO | VP Innovation & Emerging Technology
Cell +1 425.345.6756 | Skype: xmlgrrl | Twitter: @xmlgrrl
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