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Eve Maler eve.maler at forgerock.com
Thu Dec 15 13:45:04 CST 2016

*Please note:* Though we will hold ad hoc report editing meetings next
Tuesday and Thursday (Dec 20 and 22) at the usual location, which others
are welcome to join, these are not formal DG meetings and we don't expect
normal group attendance. There will be no meetings at all on Dec 27 and 29.
We'll sort out our DG timeline and roadmap in more detail in January.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all!




   - Craft scenarios that aim to maximally empower a person (possibly
   choosing one or more of those that appear in these notes, but try not to be
   too UMA-specific!), and work on setting forth the requirements for DLT- and
   other-related technologies that they'd have to meet

Attending: Eve, Thomas, Kathleen, Susan

What does "empowered" actually mean? Eve points to her "user-centric"
criteria as one way to get sharper-edged (see below). What scenarios should
we collect? Thinking of financial transactions (since Thomas has been
hanging out with FIs  ), that should include getting "universal access" to
data, even if (say) it's jointly owned, as in joint accounts. But it's more
than data; it's actual transacting, as in payments and buying stuff. Also,
online apps should ask for only what's needed, and there should be a sort
of "Good Housekeeping seal" she can trust. Think of Uber and what it knows
and shares. There's helping Alice make a decision about clinical trials and
to what purposes her health data is put. Genomic data is a case of data
that's both "jointly owned" and not deidentifiable. (BTW, research isn't
covered by HIPAA.)

Suggestion: We need to a) define empowerment, b) select final scenarios, c)
assess specific technologies, not very broad ones, and then d) ultimately
make observations and even compare them before e) writing recommendations.
There is sentiment for using the "user-centric" materials to start to
define empowerment.

Let's dig up that other "blockchain identity" technology that's
certificate-related from our notes. That should be one of the technologies
we assess, along with Sovrin, UMA, Opal, and (what else? other stuff in our
outline, etc.).

No *official* meetings next week or for the rest of the year. Thomas and
Eve and whoever else cares to join will have ad hoc meetings during our
normal slots. Eve will ask KI stuff to remove the official calendar
entries, but we'll advertise the opportunities appropriately.

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