[DG-BSC] Notes from BSC telecon Tuesday, August 30

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   - Confirm timeline, scope, and approach, or revise in specific
   - Assign action items for report next steps

Attending: Scott S, Thomas, Jeff S, Ann V, Mattisse, Scott D, Thorsten, Jim
H, Luk V, Marc, Kathleen, John M, Eve

Congrats to Thomas (and his students) and Adrian on their awards!

In Italy, law has a general structure and then specific cases separately.
Ethereum's recent fork required recalculating to a point before the hack
(this was in July). Is this a problem for us? Jim comments: DAO
demonstrates a number of things - that you need legal framing and that even
decentralized protocols depend on communities. Eve notes that many of
today's technologies and techniques seem to undermine DLTs and similar in
that they centralize to protect them: TTPs, trust frameworks,
permissioning, etc. Scott D thinks undermining isn't necessary: e.g., a
dairy coop or a partnership could overcome the need for the "poison of
centralization" (Eve phrase). Since any realistic IAM system injects this
poison today, and any sufficiently "wide-ecosystem" (cross-domain)
distributed use case will likely need some element of IAM and/or governance
to achieve its goals, can the circle be squared?

What are the techniques that temper the need for centralization-style
governance? Can Matisse and Scott D discuss this on the list? We can add
them to the report.

Do we need to write several reports? There are several themes here. One is
about specific technologies being missing, e.g. (as Jeff S notes) a query
language and specific techniques missing (as noted above), and one is about
the central tension here. Alternatively, Eve suggests our six-month goal is
to write the first broad report about the central tension given the many
use cases that want to achieve empowerment.

Thomas, Eric, and Scott D have already been writing a paper called
Computational Sovereignty. They can distribute it – there's definitely

There's some support for one report with recommendations for the breakdown
of several reports/maybe specs in future. Jim suggests adding analysis to
break down "smart contracts" vs. generic blockchain. And there's support
for putting a stake in terminology generally.

AI: Eve: Ensure Ann's list contributions get into the minutes more properly.

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