[DG-BSC] Ann Vroom Followup toBSC telecon Thursday August 25 2016

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Hi James! Looks like you've done a major translation of my little flow cartoon such that, to be honest, I can't quite wrap my head around all the nuanced layering of your schema -

...  but maybe the two together is an approach of pitching the use case scenario - the cartoon kind of thing for dunces like me so as to be able to keep in view a fundamental mental model of the process Lego blocks - and then the detailed build schema for folks like yourself that can do the deep details dives ...

Best! Ann vroom

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Here is a first, rough sketch.  There are five steps in the transaction.  It is structured to anticipate additional requests and grants.  05-AliceGrants, is the last link in the chain and gives an overview of the steps.  You could click on it, then on "Document".  Note that a few nuances have been captured, such as the request being more limited in scope than the full data.

The general principle is that each step in a transaction that needs to be persisted is documented as a record.  The record states particulars and references its context, including the prior step.

In a production system, each record can be stored under a friendly name, like this, or under a hash.  Records can be stored in a file system versioned with git, like this, or in a database such as IPFS or a blockchain, as needed.


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It's one .jpeg you should be able to cut and paste from the email ...

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Excellent!  I'll do a minimal sketch of this flow.

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Hi - in reference to this afternoon's conf call, here's my super-simplified version of the flow I described:

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D1FEEB.A23420F0]

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