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John Wunderlich john at wunderlich.ca
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The article linked to below suggested to me one category of problem that we
could consider for blockchains. It seems to me that in a generic sense
blockchain technology is technology in the service of governance and
transparency. And further, since Kantara is all about identity, the
category of problem that the report may choose to focus or include is how
can we design/build/implement IBCT's (newly identified acronym: Identity
Block Chain Technologies) that have the following characteristics:

1. Facilitates appropriate levels of identity proof (only need to prove of
age at a liquor store, but will need strong proof that I'm the full natural
person when voting).

2. Provide aggregate transparency and reporting so that anyone - citizen or
government - can see where and what kinds of identity proofs are being used
by the government.

3. Provides individual privacy protection and audit capability. I can audit
who has looked at my identity information and in what context, but I CANNOT
do that for any other person.

I'm not fully immersed in the blockchain hype machine, but I'm fully aware
that all this and more (but wait...) has been promised by block chain
evangelists, but I'm not sure how seriously to take some or all of that.

Linked article:

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