[DG-BSC] Blockstack identity services

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As soon as the use case makes Alice's role that of a "Citizen" a whole raft of non-technical issues arise that should be addressed. How do you implement privacy protection into the architecture to avoid abuse by authoritarian regimes? If I think of all the cases where I'm asked to present government issued ID as proof of identity, and then ask, "Would it be a good thing if there was an permanent audit trail available to the government (any state agency) of all those interactions?"
I would restate your problem definition to see if we can design a wide identity ecosystem use case for managing citizen identities that enables (or better, only works if) citizens control their own identities. 
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Hi all,
maybe, you already know blockstack id technology for identity services, at blockstack.org 
I think it’s quite useful for investigation and for defining use cases.
I was wondering whether we can provide a wide identity ecosystem use case for managing citizen identities.
Consider the following high level use case:
- The Citizen is identified by a Blockchain-ready Registry. - The Citizen requests to register with the Registry through a specific mobile app, which provides the necessary cryptographic key pairs with which the request is signed.- The Registry includes the request in the blockchain which is distributed among the nodes, as smart contract.- The mobile app and the cryptographic keys are now able to provides strong authentication mechanisms for citizen online access.
Citizen Identity can be enriched through the blockchain nodes (special nodes) interactions which provide attribute/profile attestation.
I hope it’s useful for further discussions.


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