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Membership Fees

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Membership Levels and Dues
(see note 2)
Individual1-3 Personnel4-100 Personnel101-1000 PersonnelOver 1000 Personnel
Organization MemberN/A$495$3,850 $10,450 $20,900
Individual Member$165N/AN/AN/AN/A

Note 1: All Membership Fees are denoted in USD and due on an annual schedule.
Note 2: Definitions applicable to Kantara Initiative Inc Member Levels are shown in this Note. All other terms are interpreted as their dictionary meaning.
Personnel’ is defined as the total number of employees and fixed term contractors worldwide in the corporation, company, related companies or other entity under control of the joining entity by virtue of more than fifty percent (50%) ownership or shares/securities.
Organization’ is defined as a Limited Liability Company or some other form of incorporated entity or Partnership, that includes Research and Education, Non-Profit and NGO sectors. Organization level members are encouraged to sponsor a Working Group or a project within a Work Group or sponsor another opportunity to maximize the benefits of their membership.
Individual’ is defined as a unique person that is not representing themselves in goods and services trade, nor as a Limited Liability Company or some other form of incorporated entity. Individual level members may only join (and be represented by) using a personal email address from a social network or ISP. No organization email address is permitted.