Leading identity experts to join Kantara Initiative UK Advisory Board

London, 8 August 2022

Kantara Initiative Ltd announced today that it has established a UK Advisory Board and appointed 3 of the UK identity sector’s leading experts to join it. They are:

These widely recognised identity experts will provide independent voices on our Board to ensure we keep innovating around our UK business proposition

All 3 advisors are internationally recognised experts in the identity domain with experience and profiles valued not just within, but beyond, the sector. The Advisory Board will support the Kantara UK leadership team to develop strategies that will enable the organisation to serve the UK market more effectively. The advisors will also provide input into how Kantara’s work for the DCMS DIATF program can grow to better align public interest with greater adoption around the standardisation and interoperability of ID verification solutions.

UK Advisors – Emma Lindley MBE, Alison McDowell and Andrew Hindle

Commenting on the announcement, Kantara Initiative Executive Director, Kay Chopard said: “We are thrilled to announce that Emma, Alison and Andrew are joining our UK Advisory Board. They bring with them an unrivalled wealth of experience as contributors to the UK identity market and the global identity ecosystem. And they are all widely recognised as leading thinkers on the topic of digital identity. So having them as independent voices on our Board will ensure we keep innovating around our UK business proposition. As the global leader in identity assurance, we are tremendously excited about the future for the UK DIATF in particular. Our UK Advisory Board will ensure that we remain at the forefront of developments in this market.”     

For more information, visit www.kantarainitiative.co.uk/about-us or contact us directly at info@kantarainitiative.co.uk