Exemplary Contribution Award

From 2020 the Leadership Council resolved to award participants in Working and Discussion Groups, regardless of their membership or participant status, whose contributions and energy both inside and outside of Kantara in the past year, exemplify Kantara’s ethics and ethos for the betterment of the international community it both serves and represents. A candidate may be nominated by Group Chairs and forwarded to the Leadership Council for review and potential acceptance. Awardees receive a year’s complimentary membership at Individual Contributor level, receive a Badge and a Certificate to display on their own sites and (consent allowing) on Kantara’s website here.

The Exemplary Contribution Awards 2020 go to:

Richard is CEO of Zygma Inc a Kantara Certified Assessor. In 2020 Richard continued to be a regular attendee of IAWG meetings where he always provided insightful comments.  His insights were instrumental in developing feedback to requests for comments on documents from various jurisdictions – the Pan Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) from the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), NIST SP 800-63 Rev 3 on potential changes that could be included in Rev 4, the European Union eIDAS Regulation, the UK Digital Identity Strategy (DIS) from the UK Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the Digital Identity Scotland (DIS) Scottish Attribute Provider Service (SAPS), and the Enterprise Digital Identity Program including Digital Wallet Market Consultation from the Canadian Province of Ontario.Richard was also the key contributor to the development and updating of Kantara IAF documents during 2020 – editor (under a Kantara contract funded by an ID.me donation) the IAWG’s Service Assessment Criteria (SAC) for use by Kantara Accredited Assessors to assess that Services are compliant with the requirements of NIST Special Publication 800-63 Rev 3 Federation Assurance at Level 2 and 3 (FAL2 and FAL3), Authentication Assurance at level 3 (AAL3), and Identity Assurance at level 3 (IAL3); co-editor of the update to the IAF Glossary and Overview; editor in the ARB effort that revised the IAF Service Assessment Handbook, and the editor of the IAF documents which are under the ARB’s control. Richard also contributed to Kantara’s comments on ISO standards drafts.

Ken Dagg, Chair, Identity Assurance (IA) Work Group

Catherine Schulten has provided exceptional help over the past several years to our efforts within the Kantara Health Identity Assurance Workgroup (HIAWG).  Her long experience and acquired expertise in the Healthcare Industry, working at the local level in physician practices has given her great insight around Identity, Authentication and more recently the Federation of credentials.  Added to this is her more recent experience in international banking and the Identity Assurance and federation required in that industry. In addition, she has brought her knowledge and relationships with prominent staff from the HHS Office of the National Coordinator to our HIAWG discussions – and helped immeasurably to widen this two-way street with the federal government. Finally, I have shared the national stage with Catherine on a few occasions around several Healthcare ID topics and found her presentations to be excellent and well accepted by the audience.
It’s a pleasure to offer this compliment to her work and gratitude for her continued involvement.

Oscar is a Sales Engineer at Ubisecure, a globally recognized digital identity software company, author of ‘Create and Deliver a Killer Product demo’, podcast host and speaker. Oscar was instrumental in bringing the Consent Receipt demonstrations to life in 2018 and 2019, and continues regular attendance and engagement in the ISI-WG’s weekly calls.

Jim Pasquale, Chair, Information Sharing Interoperability (ISI) Work Group

As a volunteer contributor to Kantara‘s mission and that of the FIRE WG, I would like to nominate Noreen Whysel as one who has unselfishly shared her user-friendly PowerPoint presentation skills to assist with ONC presentations with tight schedules in addition to representing Kantara at an on-site ONC meeting that required travel. She also made an hour long CARIN Alliance Presentation regarding Kantara‘s IDEF-R (Identity Ecosystem Framework-Registry) and brings to the FIRE WG meeting her keen sense for quality content while also capturing meeting minutes serving as assistant secretary for the WG. In her professional career she is very consumer centric both in graphical architecture as well as in generating consumer centric content. She applies such in her contributions to the multiple documents generated by the FIRE WG. She unselfishly brings her industry knowledge and working relationships, as a subject matter expert, to FIRE WG discussions as a valued asset. I am pleased to recommend Noreen and to acknowledge contributions she has made to Kantara and the FIRE Work Group.

Jim Kragh, Chair, Kantara Federated Identifiers for Resilient Ecosystems (FIRE) Work Group

Tom has been an enthusiastic regular attending participant in both FIRE WG and HIAWG, with a particular interest in US Healthcare and more specifically in bringing more rigor to Healthcare apps though assurance. He frequently shares information of interest on the FIRE WG’s listserv amongst other groups that he supports. Tom co-authored the Patient identifiers submission to ONC in September together with Catherine Schulten and was a co-contributor and editor for the Mobile Authentication Assurance Statement Report published in October 2020. Tom has drafted a couple of other related works, such as the Distributed Identity Assurance work.

Jim Kragh, Chair, Kantara Federated Identifiers for Resilient Ecosystems (FIRE) Work Group