Kantara Initiative: Trust through ID Assurance

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How it works

High level view of the Kantara Initiative Ltd. Certification process against the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF).
The Kantara Initiative Ltd. Certification Program allows service providers to measure compliance against the DIATF requirements. Organisations completing certification may display the Kantara initiative Ltd. certified logo to demonstrate to relying parties that the service implementation conforms to the DIATF requirements. This certification creates a positive signal to the market and customers that a service is ready to offer Disclosure & Barring Service, Right to Rent and Right to Work identity checks. 

Kantara certification process – UK DIATF


The interested party fills out a scoping form to get a proposal and quote.


After accepting the proposal, the applicant self attests if its service conforms to the DIATF requirements, by completing the Statement of Conformity and Service Description. The certification Program Secretariat undertakes the review of the application package

Stage 1 Audit

Document review by the Kantara Auditor to establish the readiness for the Stage 2 Audit.

Stage 2 Audit

An on-site audit is performed by the Kantara Auditor to validate the conformity of the service against the DIATF requirements.

Certification decision

The Trust Certification Board reviews the final report. In case of a positive result, in which the audited service is determined as conformant, Kantara provides the client with formal certification documentation and applicable certification mark

Annual Audit

A surveillance audit is performed 12 months after the Stage 2 audit was completed to maintain the certification.

List of certified providers

The certified service provider is listed on the Kantara Initiative Ltd and the DSIT website.

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