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Kantara Initiative is a unique global ‘commons’ that operates conformity assessment, assurance and grant of Trust Marks against de-jure standards under its Trust Framework program whilst in parallel nurturing ‘beyond-the-state-of-the-art’ ideas and developing specifications to transform the state of digital identity and personal data agency domains.

About us

Identity Assurance

Kantara Initiative Accredits Assessors and Approves Credential Service Providers. Kantara provides third-party assessment for
NIST SP 800-63-3.

Kantara Trust Registry

View the Kantara Initiative Approved CSPs, Accredited Assessors, & Registered Applicants

What We Do

Kantara Initiative nurtures ‘beyond-the-state-of-the-art’ ideas and develops specifications to transform the state of digital identity and personal data agency domains

The principles of openness, transparency and fairness

Kantara Initiative, Inc holds steadfast the principles of openness, transparency and fairness in its engagement with its participants & members, other industry consortia and the broader identity and privacy community.
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News and Announcements

What people say about Kantara Initiative

“We see Kantara Initiative as a good platform for Seadot to cooperate with other organizations in our domain to ensure cybersecurity for the digital economy – specifically within identity, assurance and trust”.
“The Kantara Initiative had a reputation for excellence and for not cutting any corners during the auditing process, so we selected the Kantara Initiative as our community because we wanted to go through an accreditation process the market and our customers would respect. As the digital economy grows, the Kantara Initiative plays an essential role in providing business customers with the confidence that the identity solutions they are considering have been vetted”.
“We were motivated to join Kantara Initiative to help us establish an architecture where a clear, unambiguous information exchange can take place. Using Kantara’s Consent Receipt specifications, we are able to offer our partners a service that eliminates the need for centralized databases of personal information and greatly simplifies their compliance requirements”.

Kantara Initiative

An Introduction to Kantara Initiative

10 Years celebration for Kantara Initiative