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    Title: Identity Assurance Framework: 
Service Assessment Criteria

    Version: 5.0

    Date: 2016-08-15

    Editor: Richard G. Wilsher

    Status: Final Recommendation

    The Kantara Initiative, Inc. Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG) was formed to foster adoption of identity trust services. The primary deliverable of the IAWG is the Identity Assurance Framework (IAF), which is comprised of many different documents that detail the levels of assurance and the certification program that bring the Framework to the marketplace. The IAF set of documents includes an Overview publication, the IAF Glossary, a summary Assurance Levels document, and an Assurance Assessment Scheme (AAS), which encompasses the associated assessment and certification program, as well as several subordinate documents, among them these Service Assessment Criteria (SAC), which establishes baseline criteria for general organizational conformity, identity proofing services, credential strength, and credential management services against which all CSPs will be assessed.
    The latest versions of each of these documents can be found on Kantara's Identity Assurance Framework – General Information web page.

    Filename: Kantara IAF-1400 Service Assessment Criteria v5.0.docx