File Download: Identity Assurance Framework: Assurance Assessment Scheme

Title: Identity Assurance Framework: Assurance Assessment Scheme

Version: 5.0

Date: 2016-06-27

Editor: Ruth Puente, Richard G. Wilsher

Status: This document is a Kantara Initiative Recommendation, created by the IAWG WG (see section 3.8 of the Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures)

The Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG) was formed to foster adoption of identity trust services. The primary deliverable of the IAWG is the Identity Assurance Framework (IAF); this document describes the IAF’s Assurance Assessment Scheme (AAS), a component of the IAF. The AAS consists of a set of requirements which assessors must fulfill in order to become ‘Kantara-Accredited’, a statement of applicable ‘credit’ granted to assessor applicants with certain prior-qualifications, a description of the Application processes from both the Kantara perspective and the applicant’s, and guidance on undertaking assessments which will benefit both Kantara-accredited Assessors and Credential Service Providers having their services assessed against the IAF Service Assessment Criteria (SAC), a key AAS subordinate document. These processes are underpinned by a number of agreements and records. The latest versions of each of these documents can be found on Kantara’s Identity Assurance Framework – General Information web page.

Filename: Kantara IAF-1300 Assurance Assessment Scheme v5.0.pdf

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