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  • Mon

    Kantara Workshop at Cloud Identity Summit 2017

    9:00 – 12:00pm local time Chicago

    Additional Information Coming Soon:

    Join the smartest minds in the identity and personal data community as together we roll out the new generation of assurance service programs supporting the Cyber Framework, 800-63-3 and GDPR era.
    Taking the work in Kantara’s innovation groups (UMA, Consent and Information Sharing, OTTO and IRM) and leveraging Kantara’s liaisons and R&D shows Kantara’s model in full circle from innovation to discussion to work to service.

    Join us and learn how these many elements come together in Kantara and in concert with its liaisons, deliver operational rules and tools for Kantara 2.0:

    •    Person controlled information sharing and smart contracts
    •    New era Trust Frameworks for digital identity and personal data under GDPR
    •    New approaches to Federation in the OAuth era
    •    Update on Kantara's incubation of the digital identity professionals association
    •    IDESG's Registry and how Kantara supports that ecosystem
    •    Identity & Privacy R&D Showcase

    Join us at this Americas members plenary session to get the inside track on these stunning innovations and follow them up at our community showcase at the expo area.



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