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  • Tue

    IdentityNorth 2017

    What is IdentityNorth?

    IdentityNorth is the leading event for individuals and organizations interested in digital identity and the digital economy. It is where Canadian and international leaders come to share the ideas and knowledge that will drive Canada’s digital future.

    The conference delivers high value content through its subject matter experts, keynotes and an “unconference” day - a participant driven event where attendees build the agenda and lead inspiring and insightful sessions on contemporary identity topics.

    What to Expect

    Day One will be full of presentations by leading identity and digital economy experts from Canada and around the world. That evening we will host The Leaders Dinner, honouring the visionaries who have led and continue to shape the Canadian and global identity space.

    Day Two is slightly shorter, as an “unconference”. Drawing upon the incredible expertise of gathered attendees, participants will work together to tackle the hottest topics and thorniest issues facing the industry. Come prepared to challenge the room with the toughest "opportunities" on your plate.



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