Due to COVID-19 most in-person events are being progressively cancelled or postponed, often replaced with virtual online webinars. We are proactively updating our events page as new information comes to hand, including online events designed to replace the in-person events impacted by the pandemic.
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    The Value of National and International Industry Orgs for Enabling Trust & Identity

    The trust and identity landscape is complex and evolving and the COVID pandemic has increased the urgency and demand for trusted digital transactions. There are many organizations that are working to advance resources and tools that hope to enable interoperability of digital identity solutions and services.

    National Canadian industry organization DIACC and International industry organization Kantara will discuss the complementary value that they provide stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

    Speakers will include Joni Brennan from DIACC, David Temoshok from NIST, Juleigh Cook from Kantara Member DTA Australian Government, and Kantara Executive Director Colin Wallis.

    Stay tuned for more details on the exact timing and where to register.

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